5 best ways to GET ATTENTION!

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We are bombard by advertising everywhere. How could brands get people’s attention?
Try to create memorable unexpected experience!

Brands need to be find creative new ways to deliver unexpected experiences:


Unexpected brand experience can be anything: Coca-Cola swapped out three of its iconic logos on 20oz bottles for 250 most popular first names. But it matters who is the first one did it and shared at mass. However, change the brand logo is risky to lose the brand identity. In this case, I don’t think it will because Coca-Cola has a very stable branding image over the years. Instead the campaign attracts the audience who love personalization.

Coca-Cola: Share a Coke

Product Usage:

Dermablend makeup brand created an reserve-engineer product demo video: instead of applying the coverup makeup, the video shows how amazing the product could cover-up the tattoo by showing the results first.

Dermablend Professional: Tattoo Cover Up Makeup: Go Beyond The Cover
This video went viral with 27,652,895 views on YouTube. Even you don’t use makeup, you would remember the surprising make up results.


Double Grill

Who is till paying attention to a normally billiard? If you want grab people’s attention, you have to do something different: Like grill a billboard to cook a steak on the street. It is a great concept. However, how many people on the street actually witnessed grill happening real time? Luckily, there is YouTube video to back up the concept: It got 167,100 views online.

OBI Germany pushes billboards to a new level: billboards are renovated on buildings to promote their products. It got85,967 views on YouTube. And more importantly it works because it grabs people attention on street.

OBI : Renovated Billboards


Delites set up a conventional line-up queue in surprising places: on an ice rink or on a lake, etc. If people want to get a free product sample, they have to go through the most ridiculous line-up. The video well explained this:

Delites : How Far Would You Go for Fantastic Delites

The concept is not directly linked with the product. But it created unexpected experience to allow people talk about the ridicules queues. As we know that the cost of the product is little. However, the experience made it “Hard to get”. The video campaign got 323,189 views on YouTube.


Any brand can find creative ideas to market themselves at unexpected places. For example, dental health campaign brought Colgate in vending machines. With every purchase of candy, vending machines dispenses a free sample of Colgate toothpaste. The power of surprise will make it a memorable experience for brand awareness. It also created a better public image. Brands do not always need to make their logo as big as possible.

Colgate: The Sweetest Treat
However, the limitation of this campaign is also, unfortunately, the location. The campaign concept was not strong enough to resonate with people for social sharing.

Personal Story:

Heineken‘s innovative campaign: The Decision connected unexpected experience to football games. With such unbelievable experience, the video went viral with attached brand awareness. It perfectly works with Heineken’s tagline “Open Your World”. People love  it also because the video is like an action film, but even better: It is real people! real time! The YouTube video got 150,808 views.

Heineken: The Decision

In another campaign, Heineken intrigue people’s curiosity: Answer a ringing pay phone on the street. Unlike The Decision was targeted at Heineken drinkers, this campaign targets random pedestrians: It can be anyone! This is also the exciting factor. The YouTube video got 992,169 views.

Heineken: Routine Interruptions – The Payphone with Fred Armisen

The two campaigns resonate with people because:

  • 1. unexpected and unbelievable experience
  • 2. Fun! Action!
  • 3. Real people
  • 4. Personal
  • 5. Intrigue curiosities and want to follow the stories
  • 6. Entertain and engage people
  • 7. Not hard sell product

What is your unexpected and unbelievable brand experience?


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