How innovative ideas help brands to change lives?

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LeoBurnett: Fight Disease with First-ever Mosquito Repellent Newspaper

More and more brands started to use innovative ideas to solve real problems and add real value to people’s life. There are many examples out there, here listed few:

Change people’s life

The agency Leo Burnett created an innovative solution for mosquito-born disease Dengue in Sri Lanka: Mix citronella essence with ink to print newspapers. This special newspaper prevented readers from mosquitos and reminded them the simple, accessible use of citronella. A simple idea with great execution! It solved a real problem and provided people values. The video currently has 36,268 views on YouTube.

Mawbima Mosquito Repellent Paper

It was a successful campaign because:

  1. It used insights to drive innovation. 
  2. They were not afraid of trying bold ideas. 
  3. It used a simple traditional approach to solve the problem. Once people got the message, they could easily apply Citronella in daily life to prevent the disease.
  4. A well executed marketing plan before launching the newspaper: Posters were designed to spread out word of campaign at bus stops.
  5. The campaign gave people real value.

Read more at Leo Burnett’s website

Innovative ideas aim to solve real problem will give people real values. It could also save people’s lives.  In South Africa’s shantytowns, ten house fire broke out everyday and devastated many families. Brand Engen wanted to help: They turned traditional paper based calendars into fire-resistant blankets and distributed to all families. The blankets helped shantytown’s residence to eliminate fire at the source. As long as brands want to take initiative to make changes, you will see more and more solution-based innovations to add real values to people’s life.

Engen – Engen Fire Blanket Calendar

With the help of Torke+CC and The Portuguese National Blood Bank Institute, Fox Channel Portugal created a new currency: Blood; Just in time to promote the hit TV show The Walking Dead. In the bloodstore, fans  could donate their blood to get desired swags of the show. Together with the effort of social media, the blood donations go up 571% compared to the previous year and 67% of those people were first time donors. The video currently has 55,405 views on YouTube. From concept to execution, this campaign was creative and daring. The campaign idea fully reflected the TV show theme “Blood” to promote the show. It also helped the blood bank for a good cause. Great ideas like this is fully scalable anywhere.


The campaign was successful because:

  1. From creative idea to execution was well planned out: It connected TV show with merchandise and  blood donation.
  2. Multimedia platform coverage was implemented to amplify the result.
  3. A new currency that related to the show was created: Blood. It was an unexpected, surprising way of getting swags.
  4. It used multi level of emotional connections to engage with people.
  5. It was for a good cause which motivate people to donate more blood and had an impact on people’s lives. At the same time, it enhanced the brand’s (TV show) image.
  6. The concept of the campaign could be easily scaled to other places and benefit more people.


Change animal’s life

In nowadays noisy cluttered world if you want to get people’s attention, you need to find a new way. Here is an example of using old saying to create a new story.

In New Zealand, dog shelter SPCA had a problem of finding adopters. The agency FCB worked with engineers to create the first dog friendly MINI car and challenged the old saying: Old dogs cannot learn new tricks. Traditional media and social media were used to spread the news: Dogs can learn how to drive! The innovative idea like this could help change people’s perception and engage with the content. People invest emotions in these stories and as a result all shelter dogs from SPCA were adopted.

SPCA/MINI: Driving Dogs

The campaign was successful because:

  1. It challenged an old saying to get people’s attention. 
  2. It changed the most adoption campaigns’ image: from victims to smart dogs.
  3. The campaign created stories for each dog and connected them emotionally with people.
  4. The key to success was the well-thought-out marketing efforts on multi platforms before the driving show: social media and traditional media.
  5. The car brand MINI put in an effort to make the concept feasible. It created a positive brand image.

As above examples showed, innovative ideas are critical for brands to stand out. It is not just about getting attention. It is about the brand as a whole image. People like to see the human side of the brand. In order to connect with people, brands need to do more than just hard selling products or services. Brands need to understand what people want and create real values for them.

What do you think of these examples? Do you feel differently about those humanized brands?

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