How to add new life refreshing old brands?

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Oreo: Daily Twist #dailytwist Campaign got media attention at The Colbert Report


The Brands that have long histories are facing the same problem: It is hard to re-invent the brand image but still stays true for brand core identity. In the last few years, our communication habits have been changed. Brand marketing should keep innovate and stay relevant.

What brands could do to refresh their images? Here are some examples:

Give it a Twist

When Oreo cookies reached it’s’ 100-year anniversary, the brand decided to refresh the image with social media campaign: Daily Twist to “celebrate the kid inside”. Agency FCB connected current trends to create an innovate campaign to refresh Oreo brand. The Daily Twist content resonated with people and the campaign turned cookie into an icon. With traditional and social media coverage, the campaign currently has 49,851 views on YouTube. The campaign has achieved “Oreo do not just reflect the news, it became the news.”

Oreo: Daily Twist #dailytwist Case Study
It is successful because:

  • No hard sell products. It focused on brand core: “celebrate the kid inside”. The content closely reflected the pop culture.
  • Good graphic design gave the cookies a fresh look.
  • From concept to social media marketing strategies was well thought out.
  • The campaign was fun and catchy. It evoked their emotion and resonated with people.
  • Traditional media and celebrities amplified the campaign ever further.

Use new technology to connect people

Budweiser used new technology to convert a normally glass into the Buddy Glass. Each glass has a chip at the bottom, which contains the owner’s Facebook information. When two glasses touches together, the two people become connected on Facebook.  I am not sure how far this experiment would go. But it is interesting that brands are using different technology to engage with their customers.

Budweiser: The Buddy Cup

With a combination of technology and adding twist, Portuguese cobblestones (Portugal tradition) become QR code to promote visiting Portugal. Those cobblestone QR codes are placed in Spain Barcelona. People can scan the code and get a free night hotel in Lisbon. Other medias quickly spread the word. It got 40,779 YouTube views.

QR Code Made With Portuguese Cobblestone
It is successful because:

  • seamlessly connected tradition with technology
  • added value with free night hotel
  • fun engagement 
  • relevant, right location for marketing

Playing on tradition with a new twist could engage a wide audience if it is the right timing. French Tech faced a problem at SXSW: No one was interested in them. People from French Tech used their Wine tradition as an icebreaker to grab people attention. With no budget, they used right timing and right platform (twitter) to start #TweetCellar: improve tweets in French way. People are engaged and visited their French Tech Pavilion with 400% increase.

The Tweet CellarSXSW 2014 (case study)

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