How to ask strangers for donation? – Use technology to make process easier

How to ask strangers for donation_Charity_Interactive campaign: SocialSwipe

Misereor Interactive campaign: SocialSwipe

How to ask strangers for money?

Charity Donation- Use technology to make process easier

Social swipe is another great campaign for charity. It seamlessly combined traditional media and new technology to create an interesting public donation experience. The result: 336,677 YouTube views. More importantly, people donate more money.

Misereor digital card campaign: Social swipe

Agency DraftFCB combined technology and social media marketing to help charities to engage audience. For Coalition for the Homeless, they connected people’s digital signature to sign a real-time holiday card by a robot arm. The Our Holiday Gift From You project has over 3700 participants from around the world.When people have fun, they tend to forget about the brand and full immerse with the experience.
The result: the charity achieved their donation goal while people have fun playing with the newest digital technology.

Execution of a creative concept is the key to have a successful campaign. Brands who find creative way to make the Call to Action seamlessly integrated will provide effective ROI.

Fiftyfifty in Düsseldorf, Germany wanted to help homeless by raising public awareness. They started the campaign with turning A/C to 8°C / 46°F in cinema to simulate being homeless on the street. Then they showed a video of homeless people on the street commenting on the cold movie experience. It connected with the audience. The Call to Action: people in the cinema are given blankets with a QR code for donation. People who get emotional connected can immediately donate. The case study video got 102,020 YouTube views. It spread the message and hopefully more people outside cinema donate.

Fiftyfifty: Frozen Cinema

Summary: The key to ask strangers for donation:

  1. Engage audience with experience 
  2. Connect them with emotion. 
  3. Innovative ideas
  4. From concept to execution need to be well thought out 
  5. Use multiple platforms: physical interaction, social media, traditional media.

What do you think? Do you have other ideas to help charities? Please share with us in comments.

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