Why size matters in marketing?

Knacki_smallFootball_snack_playing football inside vending machine

BBDO: #KnackiFootballs campaign, playing football inside vending machine

Why size matters in marketing?

This is a common advertising technique to gain viewers attention: make small things big or make big things small. With dramatic size differences, it creates contrast and gets attention from ordinary “normal” stuff.

Small to Big

Ray-Ban found a simple way to launch their new range of polarized lenses: They tinted tram windows with those new colors. People can experience the colors and use social media to word-of-mouth marketing for the brand. A little fun goes a long way. A great idea and simple execution can effectively make brand stands out. We all want to experience the world differently. Brands should embrace and encourage the ideas. Ray-Ban easily allows us to SEE the world differently with a normal tram ride. The video has 19,494 YouTube views.

Ray-Ban – #NoFilterJustRayBan

But raising brand awareness alone is not enough. Various marketing platforms and strategies need to be combined for the best results. The experience needs to be combined with digital and traditional marketing techniques to reach the marketing goal. To enhance the campaign, people are encouraged to tag images and enter a competition to win Ray-Ban products.

Big to Small

When you turn normal size into small size, people immediately feel: So cute! Adorable! Even a big brand like Coca-Cola uses this technique to promote themselves in Berlin: mini kiosks, little baked goods, tiny vending machine and mini Coke cans. From concept to execution it well connected brand product with brand image: “It’s the little thinks in life that make us happy”. The campaign is so simple yet effective. The Mini Kiosk vending machines sold 380 cans per day on average. The video has 133,767 viewers on Youtube.

Coca-Cola: Mini Kiosk

For the launch of special Knacki Football limited edition, Herta Foods and BBDO Belgium shrank football field into a vending machine and challenged people for a match inside a vending machine. It was a great concept to connect the product (Knacki Football snakes) with people’s emotions: surprise and fun engagement with football. The campaign was well planned to maximize the #KnackiFootballs campaign experience. This video currently has 147,734 YouTube viewers.

The Football Machine #footballmachine

The campaign was successful because:

The ideation and  execution were well-thought-out:

  1. The vending machine unexpectedly opened the door. Moreover, they shrank the football field to fit inside.
  2. The football legend Leo Ven Der Else was waiting inside the vending machine. That is a double surprise for the fans.
  3. The cheering crowds were dressed up in red and yellow, which created a stadium-like atmosphere.
  4. The random passengers had fun watching the game through a camera inside the vending machine.
  5. It is critical to broadcast live what happened inside of the vending machine making the experience shareable.
  6. The set up for interviews, pictures and videos at the end cleverly amplified the whole experience, which made people want to share on social networks. 
  7. Free samples were great rewards after all the hard work! 

The key to this old advertising technique is to change something different to make it standout. It can be applied from branding design to outdoor ads,etc. However that technique alone could only get viewers attention shortly. Marketers need to add more layers to the story in order to deeply engage the customers, just like the #footballmachine campaign. 

What do you think about this technique?

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