Billboard Innovation- How can billboards get people’s attention? Part 1 


Billboard_Innovation_Unbelievable Bus Shelter | Pepsi Max. Unbelievable #LiveForNow

Who is paying attention to the billboards? Traditional billboards can not get people attention anymore in this loud noisy world. Many brands have came up with creative ways of engaging people by add new twists to the old-school billboards.

Reactive Interaction

Apotek used motion sensors to synchronize train arrival with hair blow motion in the subway. It was a simple and clever way to get people’s attention while they were bored and waiting. The YouTube  video has 61,837 views.

Apotek – Blowing in the wind

Social Media Interaction

Allen Solly, a clothing brand for men in India, created a twitter-powered billboard to promote new clothing collection. They covered a billboard with folded shirts. People could get free shirts just by tweeting. But not that easy! Every tweet move the shirt several centimeters. So if you want to get the shirt, right timing was critical. The execution is smart because it combines social and game elements together. Not everyone can get a free sample but it is still fun to participate. That is the key to all interactions that want to create the most marketing buzz. It also means spending less marketing budget but achieve the most ROI. These kind of mutual beneficial marketing tactics could stand out in the crowd if the execution is done right. The YouTube video had 51,560 views.

The first ever Tweeter-Powered collection launch by Allen Solly

Augmented Reality

Pepsi Max used augmented reality(AR) to create the Unbelievable Bus Shelter: surprising scenarios of mayhem and destruction were composited over real streets views. Passengers were unexpectedly shocked by what was happening on the bus billboard screen. The trick was to make the mayhem blending seamlessly with the reality. The campaign used big emotional connection to spread the word: unexpected, surprising, unbelievable  shocking, magic and fun. The video had 6,971,526 YouTube views.

Unbelievable Bus Shelter | Pepsi Max. Unbelievable #LiveForNow

To promote the film Into The Storm, AR was also used to trick people thinking the real tornado were coming. The video had 77,210 YouTube views. Again shock and magic intrigued people to interact with the billboard.

Into The Storm – Crazy Augmented Reality Outdoor

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