Billboard Innovation- How can billboards get people’s attention? Part 2

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Mr. Kipling’s edible billboard


Besides add games and shock value into the billboard marketing, some brands used billboard as a platform to create a fun show or add real value to our life.

Ads with purposes 

Ogilvy & Mather France cleverly created billboards that had the purposes: people could use them as benches, hide under them when raining, use them as a ramp, etc. The designs are simple yet practical. The campaign was for IBM’s People for Smart Cities Program.

Create a show

In Shanghai China, Nike created a unique billboard to demonstrate that their shoes are skintight fit. They hired a small team to weave threads around the foot on the billboard. The video got 60,064 YouTube views.

“Live Knitting” On Giant Outdoor Billboard in Shanghai

Mr. Kipling‘s decorated a billboard in London with 13,360 Mr. Kipling cakes. They put on a great show that perfectly used their product. It grabbed people’s attention and mostly importantly people remembered the brand while enjoying the product (cakes).

Mr. Kipling’s edible billboard

Improve Our Life

UTEC and agency FCB created an air-purifying billboard that purifies the air more than 1200 trees. The video had 132,913 YouTube views.

UTEC – Air purifying billboard

Combing engineering and technology, they did another innovative unique billboard: portable water generator. It transformed the air’s humidity into portable drinking water in Peruvian desert. The billiard had already produced 9450 litters of portable water in 3 months. The video had 819,809 YouTube views.

UTEC: Portable water generator

In short, even billboard advertising as an old platform, it can be re-invented to connect with the target audience. Doesn’t matter what platform a brand end up using, it should always think creatively to engaging people.

After seeing some creative billboard marketing examples, do you think it will become a new trend?

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