No 1 Tip to get creative ideas – Think The Opposite

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Cancerfonden: Play in the Shade

Do you ever run out of creative ideas for marketing brands? Here is a tip: Think the opposite. When you brainstorming ideas, it can help you to have a different perspective and explore ideas.

Let your competitors market your brand!

DHL delivery company found an innovative way to let the competitors market your brand. They used a special technique to hide their logo while their competitors where delivering the package on the street.

DHL: Trojan Mailing

I don’t know how many people on the street noticed them? But it didn’t matter, the video itself had 5,468,534 YouTube views.

Share with your enemy

When Inter and Milan had a game in Italy, CocaCola decided to ask the opposite football fans to share the joy of Coca-Cola. (#ShareTheGood). They set up free vending machines at each team’s entrance. But here is the catch: when you push the button, the drink came out at rival’s machine. So the rival team fans would enjoy the free coke. It is fun to watch how different people interact with the campaign. The video had 116,907 YouTube views. The brand cleverly blend ed sports rivals with brand image (happiness). 

Coca-Cola Fair Play Machines: #ShareTheDerby

Change Time Change Location

Salvation Army normally collects blankets for the homeless during winter. However this time, they started at summer at a cricket event in South Africa. Because the event had no seat, people normally bring their blankets to sit on at the game. Salvation Army simply asked people to leave blankets behind for donation, which made the donation an easy process. They asked the simple gesture at right time and right location. The result: they reached 10% of their overall target of the year within four hours.

Salvation Army : COVER DRIVE

Play in the Shade

Swedish cancer foundation Cancerfonden wanted to raise public awareness of skin cancer. A shaded soccer field was created to allow people to play during the high-risk skin canner time and talk about it. People normally would engage with brand message when it is delivered in a playful way. I love the design of the shaded soccer field structure: simple and effective. But there was limited space for soccer viewer at the side.

Cancerfonden: Play in the Shade

Be Selfish

During Christmas time, everyone is generous about giving except this Selfie commercial: Harvey Nichols created “Sorry I spent it on Myself” video campaigns. The video promoted being selfishness at Christmas when other brands were focus on giving.

Harvey Nichols – Sorry I spent it on Myself

Next time when your creative juice dried up, try to think the opposite!

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