How to use Emotions to market brands? Part 1


How to use Emotions to market brands_Cardstore- Cardstone_What is Worlds Toughest Job_SparrowMountain_TaoJiang

Cardstone campaign: What is Worlds Toughest Job?

When professor Jonah Berger talks about 6 keys to make brands go viral in his book Contagious: Why Things Catch On, the 3rd principle of crafting contagious content is Emotion. As he said “arousal of emotions trigger us to share content.”

Many brands have successfully used emotional engagement to humanize their brands. Emotional engagement could be used at any platforms: from video marketing to interaction installation. With combining social media, the effect could be even amplified internationally. Brands who focus on trigger deeper emotions will successfully create long-term brand images.

Here are some basic emotions: Happiness, Love, Surprise, Sadness and Fear. 


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Love is also the most powerful shareable positive emotion. A paper-based brand Cardstore used fake job interview to link their product with a strong emotion. When I was watching this video half way, I had many guesses about the job position. But I got it wrong! You just have to watch it yourself and go through the journey with them. The video got 23,434,748 YouTube views.


Cardstore: World_toughest_job (description)

Cardstore: What is Worlds Toughest Job? #worldstoughestjob

This was a great example how a traditional paper based brand can use new platform (video and social) to engage with customers. From concept to execution, Cardstore did a great job to make the brand stand out.

Here is another video about Dad:

Cardstore: Dad Casting- World Toughest Job

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