Don’t just give away FREE samples! Make it interactive!

How to make FREE samples into a branded experience_Make_interactive_SparrowMountain_TaoJiang

Allen Solly : A twitter-powered billboard

Everyone love getting free samples! For years brands using free samples to attract consumers, but simply giving them away doesn’t mean consumers would remember your brand. Brand marketers need to keep finding interesting ways to emphasis the brand image. Making interactive games has became a trend in recent years to further engage consumers.

Here are some interactive game examples:

Make it interactive:

In the past few years, many companies used new technologies to push the vending machine to another level. South African coffee company Douwe Egberts asked people to yawn to get a free coffee. The face recognition tracking technology used has been available for a while. I think more and more campaigns would find a creative way to integrate this technology with branded campaigns. The video got 483,799 YouTube views.

Douwe Egberts: Bye Bye Red Eye

Lipton Ice Tea created a special vending machine that measures high body temperature and heart rate. Then it rewarded people with a free ice cold Lipton Ice Tea. The original video got 33,977 YouTube views.

Lipton Ice Tea: TEA-MOMETER

Getting people engaged on the street is not enough. Brands should push further with social media to amplify brands awareness.

Pepsi created a vending machine that only accept Facebook Likes to exchange a free sample. It was a really effective way to engage with consumers and spread the word on social media. The video got 146,806 YouTube views.

Pepsi: Like Machine

Allen Solly, a clothing brand for men in India, created a twitter-powered billboard to promote new clothing collection. They covered a billboard with folded shirts. People could get free shirts just by tweeting. But not that easy! Every tweet moves the shirt several centimeters. So if you want to get the shirt, you have to tweet at the right timing. The execution was smart because it combined social and game elements together. The video had 52,165 YouTube views.

The first ever Tweeple-Powered collection launch by Allen Solly

Even without using any technology, brands can find creative ways to engage with customers. Here is a really simple one:

Soft drink brand, Lemon & Paeroa (L&P), wanted to promote their brand in the summer with message “Hold onto summer.” They made a bright yellow billboard with yellow sandals (camouflaged) to give away. People on the street could easily grab the free samples. The  video had 18,177 YouTube views. 

Hold on to Summer with L&P

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