How far will people go for FREE samples?

How far will human lab mice go for Fantastic Delites_SparrowMountain_TaoJiang

How far will human lab mice go for Fantastic Delites? – Delite-o-matic

It is amazing that people are willing to do all kinds of things in public to get free samples: jumping around, dancing or more extreme: pushing a button for 5000 times, running like a rat in a cage and crossing a muddy river.

Why people doesn’t mind going through all the troubles for a few penny worth of free samples?

In fact when people gets free samples too easily, they won’t even remember the brand. But if you let them work for it, they would spread the word.

Great campaign concept and execution could lead to impressive consumers engagement. In 2013 Molson Canadian Beer started Scan Your Passport to get free Molson Canadian beer. The video got 2,780,410 YouTube views.

Molson Canadian Beer Fridge – Scan Your Passport | Molson Canadian

In 2014, Molson Canadian created special vending machines just in time for July 1st Canada’s National day. If you want to get a free beer, all you have to do is to sing the Canadian National Athens. From concept to execution it was all well thought. The activity was not only enjoyable but also bring brand image (Molson Canadian Beer) and all Canadians together. The video got 2,111,627YouTube views.

The Beer Fridge – O Canada | Molson Canadian

It is successful because:

  • Right timing, right content, perfectly match with products and connect with brand image
  • Connect with patriotic emotion
  • Smart use of technology
  • Enjoyable celebration and fun to participate and watch
  • Everyone wants a FREE cold beer in summer

If singing is too easy, here is a brand that really pushes people further to get a free snack.

In 2012, Fantastic Snacks created a campaign with vending machines in shopping mall. The vending machine randomly gave you a task to complete in order to get a free snack sample. For example: press the button for 5000 times. The video got 2,944,494 YouTube views.

Delite-o-matic: How far will you go for Fantastic Delites? 

They also created a street lab to encourage people running like a lab mice to get free sample. It might be cruel but I have to say it was fun to watch people fall out of the track. The video got 305,001 YouTube views.

How far will human lab mice go for Fantastic Delites? – Delite-o-matic

In 2014, Fantastic Snacks created an experiment about human behavior. In order to get a free sample, people had to ice-skate the queue or cross a muddy river. The video got 323,110 YouTube views. Consistently over the years, the brand tried to challenge people to see How Far Would One Do to get a free sample.

How far would you queue for Fantastic Delites Curls?

Why it worked?

  • Unexpected set up
  • Fun to participate and watch
  • Social pressure
  • Great story and video to share socially

Setting up a competition is also a great way to engage people. For the launch of special Knacki Football limited edition, Herta Foods and BBDO Belgium shrank football field into a vending machine and challenged people for a football match inside. It was a great concept to connect the product (Knacki Football snacks) with people’s emotion: surprise and fun engagement with football. All these has been well planed to maximize the #KnackiFootballs campaign experience. This video had 151,118 YouTube viewers.

The Football Machine #footballmachine

The execution was well thought out: 

  • The vending machine unexpected opened the door. It surprised people and gave a magic feeling. 
  • The football legend Leo Ven Der Else was waiting inside the vending machine. That is a double surprise for the fans.
  • The cheering crowd was dressed up in red and yellow, which created a stadium-like atmosphere.
  • The random passengers had fun watching the game through a camera inside the vending machine.
  • It is critical to broadcast live what happened inside of the vending machine to make the experience shareable.
  • The set up for interviews, pictures and videos at the end cleverly amplified the whole experience, which made people want to share on social networks. 
  • Free samples were great reward after all the hard work! 

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