How to use Emotions to market brands? Part 2

Coca-Cola Rainbow Nation_use_Emotion_market_brands_SparrowMountain_TaoJiang

Coca-Cola Rainbow Nation



Cardstore also uses negative emotion and clever wording to grab people’s attention: with 35,075 views, their Valentine’s Day has became the Cry day. It has potential to generate series of stories. Unfortunately, I think the video was too short and was not as effective as the What is Worlds Toughest Job?

Cardstore: Cryday the 14th


People enjoy a pleasant surprise. Coca-cola artfully connected the brand with a WOW magical moment. To celebrate 20th anniversary of South Africa’s democracy, Coca-Cola magically created rainbows in the sky. The Coca-Cola Rainbow Nation has reached 114,366 views on YouTube.

Coca-Cola: Rainbow Nation

With help of new technology, British Airways successfully converted data into a real-time live billboard. The kid on a traditional billboard started to point at sky when airplanes flying in the zone.

British Airways: The Magic of Flying

Normally a campaign like this has limitation of location. However, with social media help, it reached 31,453 views on YouTube. Surely, it became a hot topic because:

  1. Magical surprise
  2. New innovative technology
  3. A great story/experience to share

Cebuana Huillier provides money remittance service in Philippines. They noticed that many Philippines who works abroad send money back home often and wanted to use this opportunity to connect with their customers. An emotional campaign FAMILY REMEET has been created: Cebuana Huillier  flied people who sent money to reunion with their family member at surprise. The brand captured the touching moments of family reunion and the video resonates with all the Philippines and all the people who far away from their families.


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