How to use Emotions to market brands? Part 3

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LG: So Real it’s Scary


The agency John Streets self promotion video went viral with 571,884 views on YouTube. This is an example of negative emotion sells: Fear! I am not sure if any brand wants to associate such negative emotions with their customers. However, the agency John Street has cleverly grabbed all our attention. It made us believe that their thinking is unique, creative and effective.

Joint Street: ExFEARiential

When Alton Towers Resort  was planning to open a new Nemesis Sub-Terra roller coaster ride in 2012, it was the perfect opportunity to test the public to see if they were ready for the terrifying attraction. They created illusions inside the elevator that triggered the most common fears to darkness, heights and claustrophobia. The concept of the installation perfectly fit the theme of the new roller coaster ride. The video got 1,185,501 YouTube views.

Alton Towers Nemesis Sub-Terra Lift

LG created a prank to demonstrate how real the new IPS monitors could be. They replaced an office elevator’s floor with several of their new IPS monitors. When the elevator button was pressed, the monitors played a video of floor beneath you falling apart. It was so real that scared many unexpected people. The campaign demonstrated the realism of the monitor in an unexpected place. The shocking emotion really grabbed viewers’ attention. The video got 23,521,622 YouTube views.

LG: So Real it’s Scary


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In summary, focusing on emotions is the next level of brand marketing, either positive or negative. We want to feel!

What is your best emotional engaged brand experience?

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