How Physical Interaction engages with people? Part 1:Be a Child Again

How Physical Interaction engages with people_childhood_game_SparrowMountain_TaoJiang

Lipton Ice Tea – “Would You Choose STAIRS or SLIDE”

In experiential marketing, brands focus on creating best experiences for their customers. Physical interaction plays a major role in experiential marketing. Different than digital web interaction or social media interaction, it focuses on physical in person experience. Some brands use old games to bring brands to life; while others creatively combine new technologies to push physical interaction to another level.

Physical interaction

Be a Child Again

Brands like Evian, Volkswagen and Lipton Ice Tea recreated childhood games on bigger scales for the adults. It was an easy way of using physical interaction to engage with people. This is the first level of engagement: allow people interact with your brand. The second level of engagement: create experience to bring out people’s deep emotion and bound with brands, create brand loyalty.

The Evian® playground campaign encouraged people  to do something childlike. When people swing, it triggered a snow machine. It embraced the brand philosophy: purity and simplicity. The activity itself did not try to hard sell their product. Instead, it emphasized to create magic moments. The video had 1,177,132 YouTube views.

Live young January: The Evian® playground

Like the swing, sliding was also embedded in our childhood fun memory. Simply making the slide huge was an easy way to add new element to an old game. Over the years, different brands started to use sliding game to promote their service or brand image: Fun and Fast. On the creative level, it has been done over and over again. Many brands stop at this first engagement level. Whether the experiences reflect brands or not, marketers still need to connect the activities with brands messages. However, people still loves sliding; and also watching others sliding.

Volkswagen: Fast Lane – The Slide, 2010 ; The video had 4,066,962 YouTube views

Windows 8 operating system, 2012; The video had 183,410 YouTube views

Lipton Ice Tea – “Would You Choose STAIRS or SLIDE”, 2014; The video had 133,348 YouTube views

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