How Physical Interaction engages with people? Part 2: Play Games

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Captive Media’s gaming system above the urinal

Play games

Gamification is getting more and more popular in brand marketing. Brands pushed interactive games to another level creatively to connect with people.

For Milan design week Heineken designed a big interactive game with furnitures. People were invited to play with this huge pinball machine:The SUB. It was a great example from concept to execution. Playing a game is always fun especially when the pinball machine is made of living rooms, which fit the Milan design week theme. The video had 816,434 YouTube views. The game was fun to play with but also fun to watch.

Heineken | The SUB Living-room

Coca-Cola Happiness Arcade was a great example of how the brand could use game to encourage recycling bottles. They created custom-made arcade machines to allow recyclers play an arcade game with empty Coca-Cola bottles as tokens.  The video had 382,813 YouTube views. 

Coca-Cola Happiness Arcade 

It was successful because:

  • Connect brand with eco friendly activity: recycling
  • Turn empty bottles into brand image 
  • Positive, do society good
  • Connect with emotion: Happiness
  • Community based

UK startup Captive Media used gaming system above the urinal in their washroom. It allowed user to aim their stream left and right.

When not in use it plays a mixture of ads and content, and when a user approaches it switches to gaming mode. The video had 215,611 YouTube views. 


T-Mobile made a really big angry birds game live to promote the mobile game. People could use a smartphone to play this  life-size game. The video got 18,676,067 YouTube views.

T-Mobile Angry Birds Live

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