How Physical Interaction engages with people? Part 3

How Physical Interaction engages with people_Screen_Interaction_SparrowMountain_TaoJiang

Opticians Council of Canada: Love Your Eyes interactive campaign

More and more interesting experiential marketing campaign showed up all over the world focusing on Fun physical interaction with digital world: selfie pictures, projection, interactive screen, etc.

Play music

Beer company Beck’s in New Zealand created a new type of poster: interactive playable music poster. People not only  could listen to new tracks but also could remix tracks on poster. The campaign used new technology such as conductive ink to grab people’s attention. People wanted to get involved because it is something NEW. With 43,715 YouTube viewers, the world first playable poster stood out from the crowd. This campaign connected people with brand image: fun and entertaining.

Beck’s playable poster – fun

TFO created Living Piano to bring opera to the streets. A large keyboard was connected with opera singers who sing with their corresponding notes. From concept to execution, it seamlessly connected new technology with traditional opera. The video had 569,721 YouTube views.

Le piano vivant / Living Piano

Taking pictures

To promote Discovery Channel‘s show Storm Chasers, an interactive signage was set up to take pictures of pedestrians and real-time composite into the stormy weather. Pictures in those cases are so powerful that leads to social media share and viral buzz.

Discovery Channel ‘Storm Chasers’ interactive digital signage by Inwindow Outdoor

Coca Cola in China took people pics to real-time map with 3d animation, which were played on screens in public. The video had 11,711 YouTube views.

Coca Cola outdoor interactive advertising campaign

Interact with projection

Opticians Council of Canada wanted to promote regular optician visits. An interactive screen was set up at various locations in Canada. People could interact with pre-animated characters to choose different glasses. Licensed opticians were at the location to answer all questions. Of course, there was gift box for all the participants with valuable coupons. It seamless combined traditional marketing techniques with new technology. The event video had 25,314 YouTube viewers .

Opticians Council of Canada: Love Your Eyes interactive campaign

Interact with Screen

Pepsi created an Interactive vending machine to challenge football players to show off their best moves. Players could win a free Pepsi and challenge other players to get special prizes. The video had 107,999 YouTube viewers.

#Futbolnow Skills Challenge — Play the Pepsi Interactive Vending Machine

Engaging physical experience could add value to brand image because it creates emotional bound with consumers. The interaction could be with digital content or  physical, like sliding. Many brands and agencies are focusing on the technology. But I think the key is to engage people at personal level. It is not necessary to use newest technology.

The key to create engaging physical experience:

  • Personalized content (pictures, stories, etc)
  • Really fun to play
  • Interact with digital technology
  • Could get or win prizes or free samples
  • A great story/experience to share with friends

I think this is the future of marketing. What do you think?

Share your stories of best physical interaction campaign with us.

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