How to integrate technology to create new experience? Part 2

How to integrate technology to create new experience_Tweeting_Badger_SparrowMountain_TaoJiang

World’s First Live-Tweeting Honey Badger

Integrate technology to improve the experience

Face Tracking

Theatre Neu used face recognition tracking systems to change the theatre experience. Instead of paying a flat fee ticket, audience pay comedy ticket price based on how much they laugh. If you really laughed a lot and fully enjoy the experience, you would pay the full ticket price, which was reasonable. The video got 21,446 YouTube views.

Theatre Neu – Pay per laugh

Window shopping

Adidas NEO took window shopping to another level: people could interact with the mannequins and drag and drop products into a digital shopping bag. The video got 127,575 YouTube views. Many other retails started doing similar interactions to attract consumers.

Adidas NEO Window Shopping

Easy payment

Social swipe is another great campaign for charity. It seamlessly combined traditional media and new technology to create an interesting public donation experience. The result: 266,146 YouTube views. More importantly, people donated more money.

Misereor digital card campaign: Social swipe

Smart phone shopping

Once Korean Tesco Homeplus discovered the insights of their customers’ problems, they found a solution: they brought the grocery store to the people. Exact pictures of the groceries were shown at subway where people could use their smart phone to make purchase. The video had 1,385,640 YouTube views.

Tesco Homeplus Virtual Subway Store in South Korea

Technology change How brands connect with people

Business card

Design agency Resoluut¬†used 3D print technology to transform old paper based business card into 3D super heroes. Every employee had input: Based on each employee’s personality,¬† unique characters was illustrated and 3d printed.

How to integrate technology to create new experience_Resoluut_3D_print_business_card

Resoluut 3D Printed Business Card

Useful ad

Agency FCB helped Nivea to connect with their customers with technology: They used solar panel as part of print ads to charge their cellphones. It cleverly connected NIVEA Sun products with what consumers want: enjoying the sun without worrying about charging their cellphones. Because the solar panel print ads added value to the consumers, consumers would appreciate the brand more. The video had 373,682 YouTube views.

NIVEA Solar Ad Charger 

Social media

Using the right technology and social media marketing could achieve powerful results. When Johannesburg Zoo needed a social media solution to build the brand, FCB created the World’s First Live-Tweeting Honey Badger. Thanks to motion sensor technology, the Honey Badger can real-time twitte about his daily life at the zoo. This was a smart creative solution for brands that do not have internal social media team and used minimum resource to build the brand. The video had 52,400 YouTube views.


Samsung Life Insurance‘s The Bridge of life was an heart warming campaign that deeply connected all South Koreans. Samsung Life Insurance wrote inspirational messages on the Mapo Bridge in South Korea, where a large number of people jump off every year. Those messages touched people’s heart and remind them the Samsung Life Insurance‘s service. The video had 73,158 YouTube views.

The Bridge of life by Samsung Life Insurance

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