How to integrate technology to create new experience? Part 3

How to integrate technology to create new experience_UTEC_Portable water_generator_SparrowMountain_TaoJiang

UTEC: Portable water generator

Improve Daily Life – CHANGE THE WORLD


Technology innovation could impact our daily life dramatically and change the world. UTEC and agency FCB created an air purifying billboard that purifies the air more than 1200 trees. I am not an engineer so that I don’t really understand the technology behind it. The video had 120,527 YouTube views.

UTEC – Air purifying billboard

Combing engineering and technology, they did another innovative unique billboard: Portable water generator. It transformed the air’s humidity into portable drinking water in Peruvian desert. The billiard has already produced 9450 litters of portable water in 3 months.

UTEC: Portable water generator 

This innovation has changes people’s lives. I hope brands and agencies will work together to push innovation and give people real value. It would change the traditional advertising industries from Selling to Changing the world. Innovation will be the key to all business. The video had 778,082 YouTube views,

New material

The Drinkable Book was another innovative project that could save lives. The book was designed to filter regular water into drinkable water in the developing world. Also it used special ink to spread the proper hygiene message. Each filter could give someone up to  30 days worth of clean water and only costs pennies to make. The video had 644,605 YouTube views.

The Drinkable Book – Water is Life

All these campaign are successfully because:

  1. Innovative ideas
  2. Add value to people’s live
  3. Connect with emotion: happy, magical, surprising, shocking…
  4. Offer something different and new

With keep changing technologies, brands need to keep changing their strategies to market their messages. It doesn’t matter what technology they are using, the key to effectively deliver the brand message is: creating engaging experience! It is the experience that connects with people, changes people and changes the world.

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