Screens Invasion

Digital screens are everywhere in Shanghai, China. They appear anywhere you go in this metropolis city: at the bus stop, inside the bus, beside elevator, inside elevator, inside metro train, even at the train track.


Digital screens in Shanghai metro



Above: TV screens in the metro train; Below: Digital advertising screens are installed on the metro train track; Advertising can still be viewed in between two stops.


TV screens inside the bus in Shanghai


Advertising screens inside elevator and outside elevator in Shanghai



Touch screens are installed in big shopping malls in Shanghai


Advertising screens are installed in the food cord (right in front of all seats) in Shanghai


Advertising screens at the store counter in Shanghai

As you can see, advertising tries to find any possible ways to expand their view-ability. They are right in front of our face, sometimes, even intrusive. Will all Chinese cities follow these channels? How many people are paying attention to these advertising?



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