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Fox Channel Portugal created blood currency campaign

Fox Channel Portugal created blood currency campaign

Have you ever used blood or bottle cap as currency? Thanks to creative agencies, new currencies were invented not only to promote the brands, but also provided some social values.

Blood currency

With the help of Torke+CC and The Portuguese National Blood Bank Institute, Fox Channel Portugal created a new currency: Blood; Just in time to promote the hit TV show The Walking Dead. In the bloodstore, fans  could donate their blood to get desired swags of the show. Together with the effort of social media, the blood donations go up 571% compared to the previous year and 67% of those people were first time donors. The video currently has 55,405 views on YouTube. From concept to execution, this campaign was creative and daring. The campaign idea fully reflected the TV show theme “Blood” to promote the show. It also helped the blood bank for a good cause. Great ideas like this is fully scalable anywhere.


The campaign was successful because:

  1. From creative idea to execution was well planned out: It connected TV show with merchandises and  blood donation.
  2. Multi-media platforms coverage was implemented to amplify the result.
  3. A new currency that related with the show was created: Blood. It was an unexpected, surprising way of getting swags.
  4. It used multi level of emotion connections to engage with people.
  5. It was for a good cause which motivate people to donate more blood and had an impact on people’s lives. At the the same time, it enhanced the brand’s (TV show) image.
  6. The concept of the campaign could be easily scaled to other places and benefit more people.

Bottle cap currency

With Coca-Cola Hello Happiness campaign, it pushed the concept even further: UAE migrant workers could use Coca-Cola bottle caps to make a phone call home. Those workers got paid around $6 a day. They couldn’t even afford to call home often. Coca-Cola really understood the problem and created the Hello Happiness Phone Booth. It used Coca-Cola bottle caps as currency for a free 3-minute international phone call. The campaign speaks for itself: the true happiness is helping people to connect with their loved ones. The video currently has 2,864,188 YouTube views.

Coca-Cola: Hello Happiness

It was successful because:

  1. It connected people with strong emotions.
  2. It showed the human side of the brand.
  3. It tried to solve real problems.
  4. It added real value to people’s life.
  5. It is a well-thought-out campaign from concept to execution.
  6. It enhanced brand image.

Social media currency

Pepsi created a vending machine that only accepts Facebook Likes to exchange a free sample. It was a really effective way to engage with consumers and spread the word on social media. The video currently has 128,746 YouTube views.

Pepsi: Like Machine

A new currency; a new way of marketing; What do you think?

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